Sunday, 10 March 2013

Busy doing nothing....

......well achieving nothing, that's for sure.

Work is work, as hectic as ever and then some more. At home we have at last got back to being a two car family after a whooping bill of £2100 to keep Chris's car on the road. I am trying to get myself motivated into de-cluttering, organising and dare I say "Spring" cleaning, but although the thoughts are there, that's really as far as it has got.

Life is as busy as ever, it was my Birthday last Thursday but rather than spend a few relaxing days with my darling hubby, I was rather preoccupied with goings on at work, tag days and Amelia dressing up for World Book day. I had left everything to the last minute as usual but I thought she looked fab in her thrown together Oliver Twist costume! 

She came home with all her costume still intact. I asked her if she had had gruel for lunch and she looked at me as if I were mad! "NO mummy! I had fish and chips!" she replied.

Yesterday we all went to watch Gillingham play football, well Amelia came home from school on Friday with four complimentary tickets so it was rude not to use them. Chris and Jack loved it and although Amelia did too, we really should have taken a blanket to wrap he up in as half way through the match the temperatures really dropped and she struggle to stay focused. Still, we live an learn, it was a fab experience all round.

Had a lovely Mother's Day, cooked brekkie this morning and a lovely 3 course meal this evening washed down with a nice glass of red wine. 
I love you all very much.

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