Friday, 3 August 2012

Another wrap bracelet......

 ...and some waffle.  Not been up to much, been like a couch potato most of the time and been sat enjoying the Olympics! Last night I was productive whilst I watched and made another wrap style bracelet using some newly acquired stringing materials! I am quite happy with the result but think a pewter coloured beads instead of the little silvery ones would have been much more effective. (Perhaps I will have to add those to my next wishlist!)

My hydrangea is in full bloom and providing some much needed colour in the top border in the garden. 

.....and Amelia has been composing!!! LOL

Not long now before we head off on our holidays, cannot wait. Wellies and waterproofs at the ready.

x X x


Hazel said...

Super bracelet and gorgeous blooms x

mondal said...

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