Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Up-cycled pots and crafty storage.

Over the last few days I have been making an attempt to tidy my craft room, declutter and re-organise. IF I am ever going to get back into crafting I need to be able to actually move in my little room! My room was always going to be a thrown together, mish mash of storage. Certainly not like the dreamy, designer craft rooms you see in the mags or online. To see a little bit of carpet would be nice....but instead I chose to use my precious time sorting, colour co-ordinating buttons into glass jars! Hmmm

My Doctor has told me to make more "me time!" SO under Doctors orders I have come home from work and instead of doing some washing up or hoovering...I have finished decorating the knitting needle pot I decoupatched last year.

I used pages from a very old, discoloured book, ripped them up and stuck with a watered down mixture of PVA. Today I attack it with lace, ribbon and flowers!

I hope to "style" more storage and pots in this way to give some "uniformity" to my mish mash room!

Hope to see you again soon, with my next installment!

x X x


Kath said...

That looks great, Adele. Love the knitting pot.

Net said...

That's cute Adele.

Hazel said...

Love your storage jar, Adele - lovely to see you crafting and blogging again - please make sure you continue to include 'me' time in your busy life x

Carol Ann said...

love it!

jojo79 said...

Great storage jar x

Nelson said...

Hello Adele! My first visit, will visit you again. Seriously, I thoroughly enjoyed your posts( really interesting blog). Would be great if you could visit also mine...Thanks for sharing! Keep up the fantastic work!