Monday, 15 August 2011

Snowdonia catch up, day 2

Sunday 31st July

My first night in the cottage was rather unsettled. It suddenly dawned on me that we were (in my opinion) in the middle of nowhere with no way of contacting anyone if needed- our phones are all on hte same network and we have no service available, not even the convenience of the "World Wide Web" seems to work in this part of wild Wales!"

Once asleep, I slept as snug as a bug but was rudely awoken at 6am by the walking alarm clock we call Amelia. As I made Amelia's breakfast one of the sheep greeted me loudly just outside the kitchen window and I watched two pheasants make their way up the field as I drank my first cuppa of the day. As the men of the house slept, Amelia coloured and I took in more of the scenery from the comfort of the little conservatory.

After a nice cooked brekkie we decided to try a 3 mile circular walk from the doorstep of the cottage. It was lovely to see the cottage from a different perspective. The weather was cloudy but the scenery was stunning, shame the full beauty is just not captured in my photgraphs.

Our walk took us passed a lovely little chapel, Capel Salem, and we spent a little time chatting to some of the locals coming out of their Sunday service, so glad we did ponder for a while as this was followed by a rather steep hill...which Amelia moaned about all the way up!

The children seemed quite relieved when we were nearly back at the cottage....

.....and Chris was quite relieved to find that he briefly got phone reception at the very top of the lane!

At the bottom of the lane we stopped to say hello to these little ladies.

Then the children discovered a nice little step just outside the cottage, perfect for sitting on waiting for mum and dad!


Kath said...

Nice to see you back, Adele. Your photos look ok to me!!! A nice looking cottage . I hope you had a lovely time and feel relaxed now.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Fabulous photo's... not sure why but the writing doesn't show up on my ipad... but it looks like a fabulous place... xx



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