Monday, 30 August 2010

Plastering and patios instead of papercrafts!

Well life is just hectic, but I am rather a glutton for punishment aren't I! I seem to live life going from one "priority" to another and never really managing to complete anything in it's entirity! I suppose life with children is like that for everyone but life with a disabled daughter is just that much more stressful - more to do and less time to achieve it in!

A few weeks ago it was repainting the playhouse, then it was replastering the living room and this weekend it was laying a patio! We got fed up with all the local cats using our slate patio as a huge litter tray. We laid it about 3 years ago as a temporary measure after having the house extended. Cost saving at the time but enough is enough when you cannot even allow the children to go out on the patio!

Well the sand, cement and slabs were delivered last week, the cement mixer arrived on Friday and it seems it the lovely British weather thought it would make life just that much trickier for us to work in- 3 days of now stop labouring and several torrential downpours later we are allowing ourselves a day off - especially as it is Jack's 11th Birthday today!!

First things first we had to move well over a tonne of slate to the top of the garden. Woke up on Friday morning and thought we'd forget the patio and build a swimming pool instead!

Chris,standing "on the patio!"

No where near finished but getting there!

Next job on my gardening agenda is building a little brick wall and redoing the overgrown rockery. I am leaving that to next weekend though!

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Looking good Adele :-)