Sunday, 7 September 2008

Dottie's World Challenge...AND ALSO!

This week it is Nicola's turn to set a challenge and she came up with....


"I would like you to make a card or something,which of course is using a download/s from Charmed Cards AND ALSO.....something which can be removed from it,such as a tag,bookmark,notelets"

I struggled this week trying to think of something original but I think the rain has washed away my mojo and although I had the ideas the timing just wasn't right! Still the children are back to school tomorrow so hopefully I will get a bit more time to myself and to craft. Saying that I also start a new job tomorrow and my NVQ will kick back into gear again....LOL...but still, who needs sleep?

Eventually I came up with a little altered notebook, I am SO a "list type person"- I love crossing things off. I suppose it gives me some sort of sense of achievement as I am very negative about myself and often see myself as a failure. I think that comes from running around like a headless chicken and trying to do 20 things at the same time. I look back and I haven't made an impact on any of them. That's where my little lists come in, I break down the things I need to do into achievable chunks and each day I try to cross a few off.

Christmas can be a hectic and stressful time, trying to cram so much more into an already hectic life so organisation is my aim this year. I hope little Dottie will help me out. I will look at her on the front on my notebook and think of Xmas dinner! LOL.

I hope you like her. Please pop over to Dottie's World to see the awesome creations the rest of the team have come up with- you will not be dissappointed.


Joanne said...

i love dotties world, she looks great on the note book. Now the little guys have gone back to school it's time to get the christmas note book out.

Juliet said...

This is fab Adele and this has to be one of my favourite images. Great idea too - I am also a list person, but that's because I'm so forgetful, lol!
Juliet xx

ENJAY said...

Brilliant Adele, I love the colours!! and what a great idea!
Goodluck in your new job too,nerve wracking I bet!!

Nikki said...

I love it... and the image is gorgeous..
Great idea for a gift too..

Jac said...

This is beautiful, the colours are so warm and traditionally festive and its a great idea, totally agree about it making a great gift idea too! xx

Andrea said...

this is just such a cute card and different x

Chrissie said...

Well I just love this Adele and well done because I couldn't think of a thing! My memory is getting so bad I NEED lists, I just keep forgetting to make them! lol Lots of luck in your new job.

My Little Space said...

love your little notebook Adele, I have to jot everything down if I want to stand a chance of remembering....I put it down to being at 'that' certain age now! Have enjoyed my first challenge and am looking forward to my next.
Good luck with the new job.

Louly said...

Oh Adele, you could never be a failure! You are amazing, I couldn't manage to achieve a tenth of what you do.
You nte book is really gorgeous, yourcreations always look so rich and scrummy.