Thursday, 18 October 2007

Trying to get organised!!!

My little "craft room" has suddenly turned into an office now the PC, printer/scanner, speakers have somehow found themselves at home on my workspace!!! I cannot complain, I use the PC a lot while I craft, mainly for inspiration,challenges or loading on pics. So it is very handy being so close by BUT I have no-where to work now!!! On top of that it now makes sense to keep all our personal paperwork and the Down Syndrome charity paperwork here too!! Arghhh, but where?
This is my current state......I have piled it high and struggled with a very heavy blanket box and a deep worktop....later hopefully I can show you what,if anything, I have achieved.


Hazel said...

Ah, Adele, you have my sympathies - I was working in such conditions before my room was fitted out. Hugs. xxx

Anne said...

You'll get there eventually, I'm sure! In the meantime, to cheer you up, I've given you a smile award -details on my blog. I love reading your blog, your work is just fab!