Monday, 23 July 2007

What was your 1st LO?

This was mentioned on Just Bex and got me delving through my computer files in search of my first ever LO. I can remember really panicking about this as it was not only my first ever LO but also my first project as part of the Design Team on Little Cottage Crafts. I don't think I am a natural crafter, I ponder so much over design and colour and layout, changing my mind every few minutes!!! That was a year ago in March, just after my 40th Birthday.....I haven't become any more decisive now at 41.......hmmm...or have I? Can't make my mind up.
Managed a few more teacher's cards over the weekend but today is hectic as hectic gets. Had Jack's sports day events this morning, quick pitstop, cuppa tea and a bite of lunch then it's off to the hospital with Amelia this afternoon to see the ENT specialist...anyone know where I can find a few more hours to put into my days?

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