Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Keeping a promise to myself!!

I have updated my crafty to do list again, it seems to be getting longer rather than shorter and for each card I need to make I am trying to use up scraps and make a few toppers alongside. I am also trying to make at least 1 card and 2 toppers a day....I even sat down and cut some "SNOW" wording last night in an attempt to "be prepared!!" I'll probably have lost it when it comes to using it!

Anyway, before I packed away the red, white and blue of the 4th July challenge I rushed around like a lunatic to get a bit of housework done and the rest of the day is MINE!!!! Well at least until 3pm, then it is a hectic evening full of school pick-ups, Golden Book BBQs, collecting Jack at 5pm then he has a friend around for tea and after all that they need dropping off at karate. Meant to be putting a curry in the slow cooker for Chris and me to eat after allthe rushing around has finished...but I don't want to tear myself away from my craft table!!!!

Anyway, got my 2 toppers done today...I just love my long awaited for Glossy Accents...can you tell?


mum on the run said...

They look fab, the Glossy Accents looks amazing. I had to sell that QK die cos all of mine looked pants!!

Hullabaloo said...

You're on a roll Dingle! Love thosse little trucks and the glossy accents just set them off.
I get tired just reading about how much you cram into your day!

Anna said...

These are really sweet little cards. Your blog is great too!