Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Good old Mr Postie!!!

Knowing I am in need of a bit of cheer and a good ol' fashioned "kick up the bum" to keep me motivated Mr Postie arrived bright and early today with a pizza box of goodies from Gorilla Crafts...I had some pennies in my paypal account crying out "spend me, spend me!" So I did.
And what better timing, still got a few black clouds looming but a little burst of crafty sunshine keeps glimmering through! All at bargain prices...now who can resist a bargain, certainly not a crafty bargain. 12 x 12 papers started at 14p a sheet!!!
Cannot wait to try out those splat flowers!!


Rachel said...

I think we all need crafty spends now and then and love everything you got!!! I ought to order myself a cheer up parcel as well.

I hope things go well with the hearing aids for Amelia - it is yet another tough thing to face but I think you are a remarkably resilient person Adele - AND your art work is wonderful and as to being indecisive - if you were you would never get anything done would you and just look at what you achieve!


So Sonya said...

Mmmm loving your new stash... I love those splat flowers too

Hazel said...

What a lovely selection of goodies - very much deserved and needed, Adele. Thinking of you and all the hurdles with Amelia xxx

Sue said...


LOADSA stash!!!!

how fab can't wait to see what you make


Jules said...

Ooooh, gorgeous papers. I think I need a visit by a kind Mr Postie too :o)

Kathy said...

Crikey, Girl - you sure know how to shop!!!!!!!!

Now I'm just soooo jealous that I'll have to go and order me up some new stash, won't i?

Anyway, I hope the hearing aids work well for Amelia, bless her, she has a lot to deal with poor love.