Monday, 14 April 2014

Back home with a bump!

Got back from our hols on Friday feeling well rested but certainly not ready to end our little break! 
Could have stayed a lot longer!

Saturday saw me rushing around like a lunatic, organised as ever. Amelia had a party to go to and no fancy dress costume to wear. I rummaged around our wardrobes, found an outgrown shirt of Jack's, I stole a red silk handkerchief from Chris's Bow Tie set and sent Chris off down to Argos to pick up a cowboy hat! A few plaits and VOILA! One very happy little lady!

On Sunday we decided to strip out the play house and start claiming it back. The multi-coloured walls are long overdue for a change after all it was almost 4 years ago we painted it last! HERE 

Progress is slow as it's going to need at least 3 coats. I lost motivation and drive half way through and really need to refocus. I am struggling with what I want it to look like VERSES what needs to be stored in there. It was so frustrating, running out of time and having to load the play house up again with baskets of garden toys and general clutter, but it was either that or leave it all over the garden! 

I have however started revamping the old dartboard.

and also a little table.

 Not sure what to do with myself really, got so much to do I don't know which way to turn first. I'd better make some decisions and fast, or else I'll be back to work again! In need of a push in the right direction!


Monday, 7 April 2014

A sneaky little break!

It's been a stressful weekend one way or another and I had wondered what on earth possessed me in booking this short break. Being that it was only for a few days and fairly local, at times it all seemed just too much stress to be worth it. BUT I am so glad we did.

Weather was awful when we arrived but the lodge was warm and welcoming, bottle of bubbly waiting in the fridge, welcome basket of scrummy goodies. It really didn't take us long to feel at home!

Chris checking out the kitchen!

Amelia checking out her bunk.

Then checking out the top bunk! 

Our bedroom overlooks a wildlife park, so peaceful!

 The cinema screen and surround sound will definitely be put to good use tonight 
watching Game of Thrones! 

 The Rainfall shower will be put to the test tonight too.....

 ....after the hot tub of course!

 Amelia loves the tree house.

and Jack loves the games consoles! No surprises there Jack, eh?

 I am just enjoying the peace and quiet as I sip a glass of wine and gaze onto the open field!
Cheers everyone!


Sunday, 6 April 2014

Another step closer...... being organised! The Great Craft Room Revival  continues as this morning I finished painting and waxing my second set of shelves!

Still lots of sorting and shuffling around to do but it is getting there.

I can even see some floor this afternoon! Looking forward to more sorting and eventually I might even do a bit of crafting too!


Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

I've had a lovely day. A cooked breakfast, choccies, flowers, DVD. A scrummy prawn salad for lunch.
Afternoon tea and cakes with my darling Mum. Then while Chris cooked a gorgeous dinner of roast pork I made the most of a little me time sorting out my craft room.

Last Wednesday, this is what it looked like, well one small wall next to me main craft desk. Unloved, unorganised and completely uninspiring. 

My new shelves were waxed and waiting to be hung, and this afternoon Chris and Jack put them up for me!
I was very keen and eager to fill them. 

I am not saying everything will stay on these shelves as I am yet to start painting an almost identical set of shelves to go on the opposite wall BUT I have really enjoyed categorising and sorting as I work through various boxes.

I am a long way from finished and I know I will keep taking steps backwards before I get there but I am really surprised how much I am enjoying the process. 

Right, off to sample some of those chocolates and watch one of my new DVDs. 


Thursday, 27 March 2014

Drum roll please.....

............I have now found a workable surface in my craft room! (Does little victory dance!) I know I still have such a long way to go, but small steps and all that!

It's been an awful day, Amelia was awake at 5.45 am, all excited and telling me that she was going bowling with her school today. I really didn't need to be reminded, especially at some unearthly time in the morning. 
Chris had an early start so it was hardly worth hiding under the duvet for an sneaky nap. Next on the agenda was Jack, who MAY or MAY NOT be suffering with hay fever, he looked  and sounded awful so I sent him back to bed.

Worked this morning and it was just manic, the children were just so hyped up and loud. It didn't help that we had visitors in observing one of the children. At 1.00pm I was well and truly in need of my egg and bacon butty and a HOT cup of tea!

Feeling refreshed I headed up to my craft room, feeling quite motivated and positive about making progress in my Big Craft Room Clean Up! 

Looking forward to actually sitting in my little room and getting creative but I am not quite ready for that YET!


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Chaos in the Craft Room!

Well, part of my goals for March was to spend at least an hour a week tidying and organising my craft junk room. I have done so little crafting in recent times it has just been a dumping ground for potential Ebay stuff and things that just don't have their own place to go.

So, this afternoon I squeezed into the clutter for about an hour and shuffled things around. Didn't actually achieve much but it is a start. Just getting in the room was a challenge in itself.

Underneath this, there is a work desk!

The felt board has not really been used since I was working on sentence structure, verbs etc to support Amelia's Speech and Language. (She must have been in Primary School! LOL) I am sure I could be using that space more effectively now.


and after "my hour!"

HMMM! Not much difference is there! LOL

BUT, sitting in the conservatory almost ready to go!

 I think I need a whole new outlook and re-think on my junk room.

Hey ho!


Friday, 28 February 2014

A sad keepsake book!

That's it, I've finished. Feeling very sorry for myself today, not very well and thoroughly exhausted. I've pottered around with very little energy or motivation to do anything. Luckily enough, I had designed and cut  the unfinished pages of the little Keepsake Book, so every now and then I worked on it.

It was obviously a very emotional and thought provoking project and I hope it provides even the tiniest bit of support for the recipients.  

I wrote the poem back in 2007 I think, it was on one of my first ever blog posts when I made another little Keepsake. So sad to make!

MY little projects meets the criteria;
Crafts by Carolyn - TTC - Flags
Crafty Hazelnut's Patterned Paper challenge - February

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

What a week!!!

Half Term was a nightmare! It started about 2am on  Friday night, Valentine's, when Chris and me were woken up by this horrific clattering of our roof. By the sound of it, I honestly thought half the extension roof had gone. We pottered around the house for a while a decided it was safe to go back to bed at around 4.30am. At 5am we were woken by Amelia complaining she felt sick.
Nothing really happened until Sunday when Amelia had a raging temperature and started being sick. Tuesday both Chris and Jack came down with the lurgy and as the sickness started to subside, awful flu like symptom set in! Jack only went back to school today and even then it was hit and miss.

I have been stuck at home for about 11 days now and was becoming a bit stir crazy. I thought I'd do a bit more furniture revamping, but I ran out of paint and my order has not yet arrived in the shop. SO, yesterday I actually sat down to a bit of paper crafting.
It's a bit of a tricky keepsake book but I am quite pleased with how it is coming along.

Here are a few little sneak peeks until I have finished it completely.

I was surprised how much I actually got engrossed making it. 
So many thoughts and emotions running through my head!

Right, better get on. Working this afternoon!

Bye for now.

 x X x