Sunday, 7 June 2015

Patio re-vamp and garden mirrors!

Progress on our puppy proof patio has been slow going. Half term was particularly difficult as the dreaded sickness bug worked it's wicked way through our family and we seemed to achieve very little apart from actually getting through it day by day.

The pergola is now up and this weekend we (well mainly Chris) put the roofing on it. I love it already and hope to spend many hours sitting out in the garden and relaxing. Still got lots to do; the slate around the edges of the patio still needs lifting and replacing with concrete to stop little Brucie Boy from digging! Tedious work but I am sure it will be worth it when it's done.

One thing I have done that I was pleased with was re-vamping an old mirror, which we got from ebay for a grand sum of £3! Paint cost about £5, leaded strips were another ebay bargain for about £2, glass, stashed in cupboard from yonks ago!

Initially I just painted the frame and hung it and although I liked it, it did look a bit too much "mirror like" if you know what I mean. it looked too big and bare for it's setting so I thought I'd attack it with a bit of self adhesive lead and some glass paints.

I was a bit unsure when first applying the paints, they are very old (I think I bought them about 12 years ago) and I was concerned that I wasn't getting the nice smooth and even coverageI was hoping for. So I went back to my childhood and remembered the big stained glass door we used to have up in London and how some pieces of coloured glass had a textured effect within the glass. SO, I blotched and bodged to my heart's content and just kept hopeful it would look ok!

WELL, it wasn't as elaborated or professional looking as I would have liked but I still love it. 
I have another £3 mirror I will be attacking shortly!

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Puppy proofing our Patio!

Well, little Brucie Boy has settled in beautifully, he is currently laying beside me as I type and I still cannot resist the urge to keep on stroking him- he is SUCH a fluffly little distraction! We are attending basic puppy training sessions and he is doing OK although walking with him is still a challenge. After only one short circuit around the green outside our house he put on the brakes and I ended up carrying him home!

We are having a few "issues" in the garden and really needed to address what plants are dog friendly, the fact that the loose slate edges of our patio area provide a fantastic digging area for a cheeky little pup and in an idea world I wanted an under covered area so that I could sit out in the garden with Bruce, whatever the weather.

Hence the start of yet another project! Luckily, or unluckily, we haven't much of a patio left as over the years we have lived here, the conservatory and then the extension have eaten away into the space but hopefully, as small as the area is there is LOADS of room for improvement and I have many ideas like pie in the sky.

Here are a few pics of our messy starting point!

Yesterday we spent a lot of time in the garden, Bruce was covered in sawdust and although we made progress, we have a LONG way to go. I had better get the kettle on and make a start to yet another day of chaos.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Exploding Gift Box for Wedding

It's been a VERY long time since I have done any paper crafting. Well, just getting into my craft room was a challenge in itself. Once in there I spent more time shifting boxes and looking for things than actually crafting.

After I got going it dawned on me exactly how much I enjoy being creative and I was annoyed at myself for once again leaving things to the last minute.

Here are a few pics of the box I made. I wasn't sure of a colour theme so I tried to make it a bit of a combination of colours.

I do hope the recipients like it, I thoroughly enjoyed making it.


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The antics of Bruce, a 12 week old Cavachon

I have been feeling rotten for weeks and weeks now, my doctor is trying me on antihistamines in the possibility it's allergy related. After almost a week on them it suddenly dawned on me they could well be the reason I was nodding off at the drop of a hat! I am trying taking them at night and seeing how it goes.

Kiddies both back to school, I felt up for a bit of Spring cleaning, and relieved that I had some energy to even start. Bruce the pup asleep in his crate I started on the quick and simple job of cleaning the downstairs toilet. After cleaning the inside of the window, frame and ledge it somehow evolved into going outside, cleaning the outside of the front windows and door and sweeping the drive.
I was just finishing as Brucie Boy woke up.

With squidgy and sponge in hand and motivation running high I took Bruce out into the back garden to let him have a run around while I cleaned the back windows and door. Not stopping at that, I de-pooped the patio, got out the disinfectant and hose and decided to clean the patio. 

Thinking it would be a great experience for Bruce, he frolicked around in the spray of the hose and had a great time.  Me being me, I was not prepared of course, and left Bruce on the patio to go and get some old towels that I have put aside for Bruce.

This is the sight I came back to!

WELL, instead of Spring cleaning my house, I had to Spring Clean Bruce!
Here he is, looking not too sure about his first bath!

Towel dried and ready for a touch of blow drying and a few treat!

It's funny how things never go to plan, but hey ho. Bruce has had a few new puppy experiences and I have learnt a hard lesson!
Spring cleaning will be there for me another day!


Monday, 30 March 2015

A bit of Bruce and a bit of beading: The adventures of a Cavachon

My life as a lady of leisure feels so much more complete! Had a bit of a unsettled start to our first night with Bruce. I settled him in his crate at about 11pm, was awoken by him "howling" and whining at 12.....then 1am! He seemed so tired but must have been so lonely without his mum and siblings to snuggle with.

After that he woke me just before my alarm went off at 6.30am. It was so lovely to be greeting with his bright eyed and waggy tail attitiude!

It's been a funny day, had a few visitors, not to see me though........I was just an excuse for my Mum and my neighbour Lesley to get their hands on the fluff ball we now know as Bruce.

We have ordered some more puppy goodies online but it was obvious we need something more for Bruce to chew on, as his favourites at the moment seem to be the pom poms on my slippers. I have taken a large carrot from the fridge as a bit of a deterrent until more puppy toys arrive.

It is lovely to see his confidence growing already, so funny last night when he galloped out of the front room following me, only to realise he had no idea where he was and did a sort of weird backwards bunny hop back into familiarity. Today he has been like my little shadow, sat on my feet whilst I did the washing up and following me from room to room  as I moved around downstairs.

This afternoon my little Bruce curled up at my feet whilst I managed to do a tiny bit more beading.

A ladder stitch wrap bracelet with Tila Beads. Almost finished now.

Fingers crossed Bruce will be a good boy after his visit to the Vets tonight and I may even be able to complete my bracelet later! 

Bye for now!


Sunday, 29 March 2015

Meet Bruce!

Our nine week old Cavachon puppy.

We picked him up this morning and I was very impressed by his behaviour in the car on the way home. He has used the paper several times, and also had a few near misses. He goes from bouts of madness as he explores his new home then just seems to drop off for a nap. He seems to love games and snuggles and although he is use to being in a crate with his mum and siblings, I think I am in for a long, sleepless night tonight.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

A very beady addiction!

Yeah, finished!

Quite pleased with it and I am eager to start something new.

Wrap bracelet with Miyuki Magatama and Drop beads

On my beading board today I have started another wrap bracelet, I got the idea from here  but mine doesn't look anything like it! I did add an extra bead type and rather than a complete random order of beads, I have followed a repeated pattern.

Again, I am not sure of my work and it's all going to be trial and error for a while until I decide what type of styles and techniques I like best.

Not quite finished but I thought I'd take a few photographs before I lost the light.

Going to get back to my beads, my cuppa tea and carrot cake now.

Bye for now.