Saturday, 9 July 2016

New beady stash to soften my fall!

As if I wasn't in enough constant pain I decided to go for "a little trip" yesterday morning and narrowly avoided smashing my face into our large solid wood dresser! I have been dosing myself up with pain killers and treated myself to a very long, hot bath with lavender oil and epsom salts!

Feeling even more tender than usual and rather sorry for myself I decided to play with some of my new beads!!!! BEADY THERAPY!

I went for quite a lot of naturals this time!

Today I have made 3 more wrap bracelets, the first on a lovely moss green leather cord....

and two more men's bracelets, one on brown leather and the other on black waxed cord.

I am loving the Celtic Knot button, must get some more of those!

Oh decisions, decisions! What should I try next?

Monday, 27 June 2016

Men's leather bracelet

Here is my next beady attempt, made on 2mm leather cord with Czech glass beads. I made this one larger to suit a man......but then Chris tried it on and kept it so I had to make another one!

Having fun with my little beading attempts.

Bye for now.


Sunday, 26 June 2016

Laddered wrap bracelet

Here is one of my latest bracelets, I have made 3 since the 5 wrap bracelet I last showed here. Despite the torrential rain and thunder storms we have been having, I am optimistic that we will actually get SOME Summer and I wanted to do some prettier, lighter colours.

The first two pictures were taken in my conservatory, but throughout the day the clouds have cleared so I ventured out into the garden to experiment with a few photographs in actual "sunlight!"

Not sure which sort of pictures are best IF I am ever going to attempt at putting these onto some sort of selling website. Opinions would be much appreciated please.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Bead therapy......... name is Adele and I am becoming a bead addict!

So glad Mr Postie arrived with these little beauties this morning as it's turned into yet another dull, thundery day with torrential rain. I NEEDED something to brighten my day didn't I?

Tee hee, well hubby had to work this morning too so I am not going to feel guilty! 

I finished my first 5 wrap bracelet today, I tried out a few new "stitches" which I have really enjoyed and looking forward to making up a few more different colourways.

Ooooo, what colours next?

Bye for now.


Monday, 20 June 2016

A little bit of beading...the start of a bracelet.

Have a "to do list" as long as my arm but I cannot remember there being any beading on it! Ooops.
Oh well, it must have been good for the soul to do something just because I wanted to! LOL

Not finished yet, I followed instructions which gave measurement for a 2 wrap bracelet but in fact I should be able to get 4, or even 5 wraps from this length.

I have a yearning to place a beady order....VERY SOON.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Waffle, goals, mojo, pilates.......journal?

My thoughts, ideas and emotions are all over the place at the moment. Yes, I am in constant pain, yes I am fed up of not having any answers, yes I am going around in circles and getting nowhere but I need to kick start my life and just cope with all. Life is just too short and too precious not to.

I have been looking at all the lovely journalling ideas on Pinterest recently and although I don't think I am ready to jump in on the idea completely yet, I am starting to take a few ideas out and work with them to try and give me some direction.

I have loads of crafty things on the go and I need to start tying up a few loose ends before I go off at tangents with several more scatter brained ideas.

I have loads of half finished projects in the house and  several more "pie in the sky" ideas I'd like to look into too.......converting the garage, getting a solid roof on the conservatory, actually getting the staircase done and having the hallway carpeted.

Every drawer, cupboard, wardrobe, nook and cranny needs a complete and harsh de-clutter. I need to start soon before I become like one of those obsessive, compulsive hoarders you see on TV.

Yesterday I started myself a chart for the month, I do LOVE a bit of Excel, putting down some ideas of what I would like to do throughout the month. Not necessarily daily for everything but I do like the feeling of checking a box to get that feeling of actually achieving something.

One item on my chart which I started today wad a Pilates Challenge, not sure what it's like but it did the job of getting me motivated and checking off the cell in Excel.

If anyone cares to join me the link is here:

Right, off to see what I can tick off next!



Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Fingerprint Wedding Guest Tree!!

Yesterday I started my first attempt at drawing a tree to turn into a fingerprint, wedding Keepsake. As much as I love crafts, I am so not an artist and I have never really used pens to shade before, so different from the smudging and blending of a pencil.

Anyway, despite what it looks like I have REALLY enjoyed working on my feeble little attempt, and would certainly love to learn more techniques.

Sorry for poor lighting, it's school holidays here and what with the torrential rain and flooded patio, it looks like a Winter's day.

This morning I copied a small section of it on my printer and very quickly mucked around to see what a few fingerprints would look like on the tree. Still not at all confident about it but quite happy for a fist attempt.

Any constructive help much appreciated.


Saturday, 28 May 2016

Revamping some drawers!!!!!

Hubby Chris saw these little wooden cabinets on ebay. Very "rustic" and shouting out for a re-vamp. There were being sold as "Wooden Engineers Cabinets" but I am hoping that eventually they will find their way into my craft room!

Last weekend I made a start on one of the sets, lightly sanding them down and attacking them with some chalk paint. I decided to keep the original handles on this set, but I do have a further little project to "tart them up."

 I kept them rather rustic still, not sure of when they were actually made but they deserve that tatty look in my opinion.....for what that's worth. lol

Finished for now and quite please with how they have turned out. Simple, clean and usable.

I lined the bottom of each drawer with a different Basic Grey paper.....and then sealed them with Modge Podge.

Hopefully this weekend I will get the chance to finish the handles and then move on to the second set. I want my conservatory back and it's looking like a workshop at the moment!

Bye for now.