Friday, 28 August 2015

Yeah, Day 11 Zentangle complete.

Well, I've finished. Not 100% sure of it, especially about the white spaces, but over all I am quite pleased considering I threw myself out of my depth with this, my first A5 piece of work.

Here is the piece before shading.


And a few comparisons.

Ok, it's not perfect. I have a lot to learn
It's funny how I seem to have changed. On the first few days I was more comfortable about the Tangle Patterns and unsure of the shading but now, when it comes down to actually using creativity, my confidence flies out the window .......but I feel happier with my shading!

I am looking forward to moving on to day 12 on a more positive note. 

Thank you for looking.

See you soon,


Still working on Day 11, One Zentangle a Day

Now yesterday I was just about ready to throw my Zentangle Book into the hidden depths of my craft room but I am glad to say I stuck with it. As unsure as I am, I just went with it, not sure of how it "flows" or what artistic composition it has as I know nothing about those. I was also unsure of the big white space I'd left! Should I have filled it in? If so with what pattern? 

I bit the bullet and left the space, if it doesn't work I will take a "so what" attitiude and try to learn from the experience.

I MUST remember that this whole journey should be enjoyable and relaxing and not have me ready to cast off my feeble attempt by Day 11. Get a grip Adele!!!! LOL

I am actually looking forward to shading this now.

Onwards and upwards!


Thursday, 27 August 2015

Day 11 Zentangle. Auras and Rounding!

Oh my, feeling more and more out of my depth here but I will continue plodding along in the hope that practice will make perfect better!

In my utter stupidity, rather than sticking to something I would have been more "comfortable" with to help my confidence I have thrown myself, head first into some mad mixture of Tangle patterns on an A5 sheet! Considering all but one of my practice attempts have only been approximately 2 inch squares, I was immediately out of the tiny comfort zone I have.

Not sure where this is going (apart from in the bin!) but I will attempt to do some more today in the hope that a bit of shading with help "bring it all together!"

One thing I have discovered  is that I love using FLUX!

....and I have a regret making my attempt at MOOKA so big! LOL

I feel mine is going to be less of a learning curve and more of a learning spiral or roller coaster.


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

One Zentangle a Day, Day 10

Yes, I know, I skipped a page! I didn't have everything I needed for Day 9 so I went straight on to Day 10! Sorry!

Now I know I am not a confident person, especially when it comes to doing something out of my comfort zone (not sure I actually have one of those any more!) but once again I found these quite daunting and I am very critical of my work. I did the designs quite quickly, one after the other and I don't think I put the care and attention into them as I would have liked, but Amelia was bouncing around the room on the Wii and getting stressed out and puppy Bruce was having one of his mad moments....chasing his tail, attacking cushions, pulling throws off of the sofa.......puppy madness in general. It was absolutely pouring down with rain and looking back although my heart was into it perhaps my head wasn't.

I do feel however, it came out quite natural, messy but perhaps more relaxed in some ways.

Now I had up to this point been blending with my finger, and using an eraser to rub out small areas I wanted to highlight. BUT I braved the chaos of my craft room, clambered over boxes and furniture  that were dumped in there as we are sorting Jack's room, and recovered my box of Prismacolor Pencils, half a bottle of Sansodor  and some tortillions. Now these haven't seen the light of day since my Copic craze began several years ago!

I used a tortillion to shade on these Tangle patterns and I took the leap into the unknown and TRIED some colour work. Really not happy with the results and I am surprised as I loved the look of these tangles!

Perhaps I made too many changes to my "normal" way of working.

Today has been a rather busy, stressful day but fingers crossed, this afternoon I can move on to the next page, Day 11 in an attempt to stay positive.


Monday, 24 August 2015

My Zentangle Journey, Day 8 complete

Oh yeah!!! I am SO enjoying this. In fact I am enjoying it so much I have ordered myself a few pens, a 4B pencil to try out for my shading....and a new pencil case to hold all my new goodies. I may well need to put a padlock on it to stop Amelia from"borrowing" them!

Here is my finished attempt at Day 8's patterns. I wasn't sure of them at first but as I worked on the twirly "thing" at the bottom I became a bit more confident with it all.

I don't know whether digital photography is a good thing or not but it was interesting to blow up the image and see the detail (or lack of it) in my work. I do think I will need to invest in a better light and  it may well be time for me to go to the Opticians as I do think I am starting to struggle with detailed, close up work.....and reading the cooking instructions on some small packaging! LOL

As much as I am loving my new pastime I keep telling myself how self indulgent it is and wondering  "of what use it will be?"

Does everything in life need a purpose? 

Who knows!

My sketch book is calling me.



Sunday, 23 August 2015

One Zentangle a Day, Day 8

I haven't managed to sit down with my Zentangle book all week, so when I actually MADE time yesterday evening, I really enjoyed my "me time!"

I did struggle with the two new Tangle patterns and I don't think my attempts are true to the examples given in the book. With PURK in particular I really don't think I have the dimensions and perspectives right....but I am not sure they actually need to be "true to life!" That's my excuse and I am sticking to it!

Here is my latest attempts in progress, the lower example shows my basic guideline sketch, the outlines only and some parts complete with shading. I am concerned that my shading is always too heavy, they say if that happens you can end up with a dull, flat, grey design!
hey ho, it's a large learning curve for me and I am well out of my comfort zone but enjoying the journey.

Once I have become more confident with the actual basic concepts, then I think I need to concentrate on the shading and even bring in some colour....that will be both scary and fun.

Bye for now.


Friday, 21 August 2015

Cavachon Bruce!

This little lad is nearly 7 months old now and is truly finding his voice, he seems to yap at anything and everything at the moment. The quietest unusual noise, the slightest moment in the garden.....other animals on the TV!!! LOL

Here is Bruce caught in the act, looking out of the conservatory windows. 
One of his favourite pastimes!

He is a bit of a scruff here, due for his second grooming next week.

Love him to bits. 


Monday, 17 August 2015

Zentangle a day- catch up!

It was our 18th Wedding Anniversary yesterday and we managed to have a last minute break . It was great to just relax for a few days and do absolutely nothing, well apart from eat, drink and walk the dog!

I opened the curtains to this view on Saturday morning and it was inviting me out there to sip my morning tea and "doodle" in the sunshine as I listened to the breeze in the trees, the birds singing and the sounds of the water in the pond.....what a difference to hearing the children constantly squabbling!

I hadn't worked from my "One Zentangle a Day" book for a few days so I decided it was the perfect opportunity to pay catch up as I sat in the sunshine.

(Spot the error!)

I worked through Day 4 and 5 but felt I struggled with the shading.

I continued onto Day 6 with 3 more new patterns then sort of flowed into Day 7 where I tried combining a few different variations, It was great fun but I look at what I feel are true Zentangle creations and feel I have such a long way to go.

BUT, isn't there a saying about Life is a journey and not a destination? 
I will keep telling myself that anyway.

Bye for now.