Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Wednesday's Creations!

Been in a right funny ol' mood today, stil ldangling about Amelia's support and really not sure what is happening. I have a Speech & Language appointment at the school tomorrow with a new therapist so I might be enlightened then. I think it is madness to leave it so late.

Building work is progressing well, the foundations were laid yesterday and we are just taking delivery of blocks, bricks and looks like the Sahara on the front frive the kiddies will think we have our own beach!!!
Tried to get myself motivated but I hate having so many loose ends and I just feel nothing is really progressing although if I look at things seperately, they are.
Made another 2 cards today. My Mum asked me to make my cousin a "New Home" card, which fitting in perfectly with a challenge on Crafts by Carolyn. After that I faffed around not really knowing what to do, but having another 6 teacher's card to make for next week I used another challenge on Just Bex for a bit of inspiration. The teacher's card was a template challenge and I haven't followed many templates. I struggled at first trying to decide what papers to use but after that it was plain sailing. Had fun using these colours!
Thank you for another 2 great challenges. What would I do without you at the moment!!


Jules said...

Both cards are lovely hun, well done.

Jackie said...

I do love your cards Adele :)