Monday, 23 July 2007

A tough day today.

Feeling rather drained and to be honest a bit low. After nearly 2 hours at the hospital this afternoon it has been decided that Amelia MAY benefit from hearing aids. It took ages before she would tolerate her glasses, so I can imagine we have a very long, bumpy road ahead of us. She is still so congested that I need to get some sodium bicarb drops and use daily and go back in a month's time when they hope to start making moulds. Her hearing loss isn't that bad at the moment but come wintertime she really suffers. Yet another hurdle for us to jump..better get my pogo stick at the ready.

Anyway, despite the rushing back and forth today, I did mange to complete my 7th teachers card, only one more to make now. It is my own fault, I got a bit sidetracked by the Pocket dare and decided to make matching "bookmark" tags to go in each of the other cards!!! Yes, I am a glutton for punishment even when I have no time for breathe. Piccies are awful, but it hasn't stopped raining all afternoon!!!

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glitterangel said...

Sorry to hear your sad news :( Absolutely gorgeous work though, as ever.