Saturday, 21 July 2007

A good day!!!

End of Week 3! Building work has really slowed down over the last few days but we were asked if it would be OK for the bricklayers to come in over the weekend!!! WE , of course, jumped at the chance. With the kiddies breaking up from school on Wednesday, the more we get done - the better!!!

So despite the rain....we now have "walls!" Well very little walls, but walls all the same. It isn't even up to damp proof level at the moment but it does give us a chance to start visualising the new space! They are back again tomorrow so fingers crossed we have at least a few dry hours so that some of the mud gets a chance to dry a bit.

Today Jack had another Karate grading- he has 3 a year if he is up to standard. We managed to get care for Amelia and I went along to watch for the first grading in the 2 years Jack has been doing Karate. As he was at Grade 5, he now has to grade in the same session as the adults and other juniors of higher grades. He looked so small!!!

I am one very proud mummy again as not only has he graded, he has skipped a belt and gone straight to a grade 4 rather than a temporary grade. It seems such a big jump now as he has 3 brown belts to get.....then black!!! I hope he sticks with it as it gets harder and hard now to meet the standard for grading and his age is against him as he is still only 7!
No crafting today, I am going to open a bottle of wine and do some knitting this evening...but tomoorw I have 4 teachers cards to make!! Nothing like leaving things to the last minute is there!!


Jackie said...

Well Done Jack :)

Rachel said...

Wow - can't believe he is just 7 - what a star!

And the extension is really starting to move which is great given the weather - hasn't it been awful!

Bet you just can't wait now for it to be finished and get moved in


Susan (Sue H) said...

Hi Adele,
I just wanted to pop in and say hi to you. I hope you're well.

I'm so pleased that the extension is beginning to shape now and that things are coming together.

And more importantly.

WELL DONE great are you!