Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Slowly, slowly catchy monkey!!!

Things seem to be on a go slow and I am unable to say anything is really done and dusted and can be forgotten about. My daily routine just gets more and more crammed and I am finding it harder and harder to switch off, even at night- my body shuts down but my poor likkle brain tries so hard to sorty and de-clutter and organise.
I have been playing on the computer today, making up some resources for Amelia to use over the schoool holidays. Some of her targets at school were to be able to write her name using recognisable letter formations and to be able to write and recognise numbers 1-5. I have BIG issues with this as no writing program is in place and her fine motor skills are very delayed.
My first goal is for her to be able to say her name, if you ask her what her name is she will spell out the sounds A-m-e-l-i-a but is unable to sound out the syllables A-me-li-a. So today I have printed out her name and I am laminating like a mad woman later.
I would be so, so proud if she could meet even part of her targets in the school holidays!! So our house looks well and truely like this weird mixture of building site, craft shop and classsroom with letter and number friezes everywhere!!
Talking of building sites, our walls are a bit more defined in preparation of the damp proof course being laid, hopefully some time this week. We have the brick layers back at the weekend and I am praying that VERY soon we will have even a little bit of security in the garden so I can at least let Amelia go out and play for a while.
Had a couple of cards to make today, but I seem to have lost heart..I sat getting frustrated and never happy with what I had I only managed to complete one, the other is in bits all over my very messy work table!! I think my mojo is hiding somewhere under the mess too!!!

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Lythan said...

I'm so full of admiration for all that you do Adele. I do wish that "the system" would help you a bit more too. And what with everything else you still mange to produce amazing cards.