Friday, 6 July 2007

Absolutely shattered!

WEll, after the unexpected builders on Wednesday we have been working on the house every spare moment we have...which isn't many I may add!! I am now the proud owner of;

* a spare fridge/freezer...which is sitting in the middle of our dining room. Amelia thinks it is great fun to keep going to it and helping herself. Door lock ready and waiting to be put on!!!

* a tumble dryer in the middle of my conservatory. I had great fun yesterday morning trying to dangle the hose out of the vented window. First the conservatory ended up like a sauna but I persisited and managed some contraption/hook type thing made out of a wire coat hanger.

* an absolutely huge pile of rubble on the front drive and a very big expanse of..well nothingness on the side of the house where there was once an old garage and lean too! Feeling a bit like I am living in a goldfish bowl.

I got a last minute card order today, so I sat out in my goldfish bowl of a conservatory while the buildres knocked down walls around me. I turned my radio up and managed all of half a card and 2 toppers!!! I am shattered on day 3 of the build, what will I be like on week 8, 9......10?

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