Friday, 27 July 2007

Day 2 of the school holidays!!!

Not feeling much better, had a good sleep but still full of flu. The children are driving me mad already...they are great individually but it is sooo difficult to find activities that both of them are happy with for more than a few minutes. Get something that suits Jack and there is no way it will hold Amelia's concentration so it usually end up distrupted. On the other hand, if we do something that holds Amelia's bores Jack to tears!!!! WE attempted colouring and playdough today!!!

I have put off giving AMELIA HER EAR DROPS (oops sorry for shouting!) it was awful yesterday, she got herself into such a state over it and last night it took both Chris and me to try to hold her down, calm her, and eventually pursuade her it wasn't going to hurt. She screamed, but very shortly afterwards she gave a big grin and said "OK now!" I just hope she gets used to the routine very quickly!!!

Anyway, in an attempt to get myself organised I have made myself a spreadsheet of challenges, mainly from those on Just Bex, but there are other I want to incorporate such as Bumbleberry, Carolyn's and DCM......I am going to be one busy ol' lady!!!! IF the children ever let me have more than 5 minutes to myself that is.

Took pic of the card I finished yesterday...not really happy with it, like I said earlier.. I really seem to have lost my mojo!! Need to shift this rotten bug if I am ever going to cope with the children, the building work, Amelia's therapies...and fit in even a tad of craftiness!!


Rosie (Freycob) said...

Well, I like it! What did you cut your letters out with?

Jules said...

I really like that card :o)

Sorry to hear you are still feeling unwell, I really hope that your good health returns soon along with your mojo :o)