Tuesday, 10 July 2007

All diggers and dumper trucks today!!

It's all go here today, digger arrived before 8am, much to the children's delight. After that it was an uphill struggle to get them away from the window! I now have the digger excavating out the back and a huge muck picker upper truck (very technical eh!) picking up our lovely new rockery from the front drive. Later I have Telewest around to resite cables and phone junction boxes!!!

As all mayhem goes on around me I am sitting in the tranquility (well OK maybe not) of my conservatory, crafting away!!!

Popped on a few pics from the weekend, see our likkle cat is not at all stressed by it all!!


Jules said...

Oooh, I wouldn't like to be the one to clear all that lot up!!

Paula said...

Looking forward to seeing the progress :-)