Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Another waste of time!!

Spent another 2 hours this morning at the hospital just to be told by Audiology that Amelia does still have a hearing loss and that , yes, they feel hearing aids might be the best option. IF only departments talked to each other they might have known she only had her hearing tested last week by ENT and that we are due back in a month's time to have moulds made for hearing aids!!!!!!
To be honest I am feeling quite down, still full of cold and all I seem to do is wander around aimlessly not acheiving anything and not knowing quite what to attempt next. So much still needs organising in preparation for the extension and with the children in tow it's just impossible to do any of it. I have got to try so hard to keep my focus with this extension. As the building work intrudes more and more on the house I need to look past the mess and disruption and think of how much better our lives will be with the extra space. I know it won't solve the "issues" we have with Amelia but having more space and organisation can only reduce the day to day stress. We were always told we couldn't change Amelia's needs and that we needed to change her environment to suit them...and that is just what we are trying to do!
I desperately want to shut myself away and craft but that just isn't going to happen yet!


Angelnorth said...

Aww, sending hugs to you Adele - you're right to focus on the fact that it will make such a difference once it's done.

I just tagged you - it's quite a nice one (I think! It's the Bumper Card one that's gong round) and it'd be nice if you get chance to join in.

Jules said...

Oh ((((hugs))))

I wish I lived nearer, I'd be happy to help out and let you get on with things.