Monday, 16 July 2007

Monday madness!

Been a weird weekend for us all, had a lot to do around the house and garden in a vain attempt to keep tidy as we go along!!! Hmmmm...I'd give up on that idea but I am not a quitter! Chris did a few more runs to the tip and we had a great bonfire to clear some of the old wood from the old sheds and outbuildings that have been knocked down. I have another wheelie bin full of garden rubbish and stilll loads and loads to clear!!
Saturday was our 11th "anniversary" of the day Chris and I met, so once the kiddies were in bed, we treated ourselves to a huge curry and a rather yummy bottle of wine. Woke up Sunday morning to the sound of torrential rain and thunder, I opened the curtains expecting to have this moat around the house but luckily it wasn't as bad as I had expected.
Sunday we visited the In-Laws as Chris's brother popped over from France and we hadn't seen him for almost a year. Spent a lovely day there, a good roast dinner followed by a walk in the park with the kiddies. The weather turned out to be glorious!
Today has been pretty uneventful, bit of housework, bit of crafting. I have managed to complete the first of eight Thank you cards for the teachers, then I got sidetracked into starting some toppers. I enjoyed making the latest DMC dare so much I am adapting my design into toppers. Had to collect Amelia from school early as she was poorly, so I didn't get a chance to finish them YET!!!
Treated myself to a few ribbons today, mostly stock has suddenly got very low. As soon as I have 5 minutes spare I am going to treat myself to a few more goodies too!!!!All I need now is a few "spare" minutes to decide exactly what I am going to buy....that could take me days...don't call myself Dilly Dally Dingle for nothing!!

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