Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Been a funny few days

After speaking to the LEA last week - a draft statement dropped through my letterbox today. I now have a huge pile of papers to sift through and 15 days to reply. I am not going to accept the 15 hours they are offering....so fingers crossed our wishes will be taken into consideration and that we won't need to appeal again or go to tribunal.

Funny enough, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders already, even though we still have a long way to go. I have been busy reading about Fine Motor Skills in children with Down Syndrome and this has spurred me on into actually working with DD again!!

Yesterday, I downloaded a font to use for writing practise, laminated loads of little word cards to help DD with her Speech & Language and then we had great fun playing number hopscotch with some old cork tiles I rescued from the depths of the garage. I originally got the tiles to cut shapes from with my sizzix machine, but the cork was too fat!! See I knew I'd find a use for them one day! I have just written numbers on with a big black marker pen and we are jumping around like lunatics trying to do some number recognition. I have so many ideas for therapy/games/resources but just no time to get them all done. I need to make some sensory stuff- a weighted lap pad, little buttoned bags to help and encourage fine motor skills and some good old fashioned playdoh!!!!!

I haven't done much crafting over the last few days, the LEA issue just took over and until I have the statement we want, all approved and the support in place I will still have to continue my "fight!"

Thought about the extension today- I have decided to get all my personal birthday cards made to cover until the end of the year- not sure how long after all the work is done before I will get the chance again. I will try to get my list organised tonight and spend some time, hopefully every day, making a few at a time.

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