Saturday, 10 February 2007

Todays Valentine efforts!

Well DD never went to the party this afternoon, she has yet another poorly tummy!!
I must try to look further into this. Not sure if it's her diet, just her metabolism with a few quirky Down Syndrome traits...or what!!!

Did manage to get a bit of crafting done though- not much but I have finished part of hubby's Valentine card. Decided against using real hessian, it looked a bit too bulky so I chose a "hessian paper" instead. Here are a few tasters of what he has in store.
Now Chris- if you peep- SHAME ON YOU!!!


CarolineO said...

Hi! Got the link to here over on Bumbleberry. Your cards and photos are amazing!!

Lynne.x said...

Lovely card Adele.

Tigger's rambling said...

Fantastic card. Great blog by the way :-)

maggie said...

Great card Adele I'm sure hubby will love it