Saturday, 10 February 2007

What a grey day!!

A very dull, drizzly day outside- want to keep warm and snug indoors all day.

Well- I did warn you in my title and my profile about what a ditherer I am- took me most of yesterday afternoon flicking through papers and rummaging through my ribbons. Finally I chose what to use on hubby's card......and then I had to collect kiddies from school!!(hmmm)
I have left my inspiration spread in bits and pieces all over the desk in the conservatory!! (discreetly hidden with the backing cloth I use for my pics!) Just itching to go back and play now.
Luckily, hubby is going to take DD to a birthday party this aftenoon, which will give me a little while at least.
Typical isn't it. I wait all this time for inspiration- and when it comes along- you can't get to use it!!LOL
Watch this gingham ribbon and hessian awaits!

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