Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Be my Valentine!

Had to go back to the hospital first thing this morning. Just so glad that Chris had the day off of work as I would never have managed it by myself. We now have a special seat for DD, it looked quite daunting at first-loads of levers and padding, but it seems so much more flexible to suit her needs than your average chair. I would never have managed to get back to the car with it and the two children, or fit it in the back of my car come to think of it.
Spending a lovely day together, just made and iced some fairy cakes and we are about to play some games by pulling activities out of a "hat!"
As for Valentines, the best pressie is having Chris at home with us...but the choccies and bubbly were very nice too!!! Going to get the kiddies to bed later, have a nice meal together and watch the King Kong DVD Chris came home with. ( He only went out for steak and mushrooms!) romantic!
My card went down very well, here are a few pics of the other side I made up last night!


Linda said...

Adele your card is beautiful well done you

Linda x

Tracie H said...

I just love your card soooo much.....its beautiful. Hope the champers and choccies went down well.