Friday, 16 February 2007

I need a glass of wine!!

Well, glad the assessments are over with- we are all feeling absolutely exhausted, both physically and emotionally. On top of all the stress of the assessments DD has been really poorly again today with tummy troubles. We got the chance to speak to a nutritionalist as part of our BIBIC assessments and I have a few new changes to DDs diet I can try out. We have also had a referral on the NHS now. I feel the need for me to do a lot more research into diet and vitamin supplements as this seems to be happening more and more often now!

I thought I would post up a few details about my likkle flower corsage. It is really simple and quick to make up. Basically you wind your wool in a figure of eight around spikes on a little loom then sew around the loops to form the centre of the flower. I have seen some lovely double "looms" advertised in a few books, but so far only been able to track a single loom down. I got a kit from Twilleys-a fab little starter kit including some wool, thread for sewing, sequins and beads to embellish.

I have also been busy knitting some flowers, again using odds of wool in a vain attempt to de-clutter. using up an odd bit of wool is going to make a difference!! I will try to sew a few of those up tonight and embellish them. Will load piccies as soon as possible but have to somehow find time to make a card tomorrow!!

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