Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Back to school tomorrow!

Last day of having kiddies at home!! Had the architect come around this morning, we ran through the dimensions and what we wanted...so excited, but still have too long to wait. My little craft room with a big "DO NOT DISTURB- MUMMY CRAFTING" sign on the door is imprinted on my mind!! It will give us back the conservatory as a family room again, and also allow me to craft all year without having to dress up for the Antarctic first. That's not even the half of it though, it will benefit us all so much as a family as well as obviously being so much easier coping with DDs therapies and daily needs.
Oh well, little uniforms all folded neatly, PE kits washed and awaiting in the hall, book bags all checked ....oh still need to clean shoes!!! Then that's me done for...literally. I am going to get some crafting done tomorrow...yippeeee!

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