Saturday, 17 February 2007

It's catch up time.

We have been spending today playing "catch up" but not getting very far. We have managed to produce 2 bigs black sacks full of clutter but stil the house looks like a bombsite. (I have some amazingly clean and tidy cupboards though!)

Chris made good progress in the garage- dismantled a big shelving unit and re-assembled it in the playhouse at the bottom of the garden. IF this extension is ever going to get done we still have so much to do!

This afternoon I have plodded through the card I needed to make, with loads of stopping and starting and interruptions from the kiddies (& Chris) I got done eventually, but the lighting really wasn't that good by the time I had finished!! Got a busy day visiting family tomorrow so I might not get another chance to take pics, so here they are- as good as they are gonna get!

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