Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Hey, hey, hey, what a beautiful day!!

Such a contrast to yesterdays grey skies. Today is clear and crisp and the sky is a wonderful , cloudless blue!! Makes such a difference.
But still - I am going through the day with mixed emotions as later on we have to see the Paediatrician. I know DD has improved so much since she was last seen back in the summer, but until I get her some support at school I need to prove the gap between her and her peers is significant!! The LEA have been given loads of evidence from the many "proffessionals" involved but it didn't stop them from refusing to even assess her last year. After months of fighting, here we are again- our lives in the hands of the LEA. We WILL get there eventually, she is my daughter and she deserves the best education I can get for her.
Also had a phone call from BIBIC who we are having yet more assessments with later in the week. Their Speech & Language therapist isn't able to make it!!! Still waiting to hear how the time will be re-allocated, I bet they don't knock a chunk of our bill off though!
Still, that's enough of the doledrums (sp?) let's get a wiggle on and do something constructive!
Off to find my mojo!!

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