Thursday, 1 March 2007

Yeah hey, done some crafting today.

I put aside the reams of papers from the LEA, hid the folders from our Down Syndrome Group, and set aside an hour or so this afternoon for some crafting.

With so many fabby challenges around to chose from- I kept to something simple- literally. There is a great challenge on Craft's by Caroyln- a simpe A4 LO! Well never having worked on A4- I couldn't resist this! Not what I initally had in mind, but my printer ran out of ink so I had to use a photo from "the box!" Had fun making it, and it raised my crafting spirit a bit. Unfortunately it's gonna be back to the paperwork for most of tomorrow. Please excuse the dodgy photography, the light was fading fast and I had a 5 yr old hanging off my leg at the time!


Beckie said...

Beautiful Layout xx

Katy said...

Oh, look at her gorgeous face going in for the kiss!!!!! She is (they both are) so lovely!!!!