Saturday, 31 March 2007

7 going on 17!

The last few weeks have been really hard for us as a family. The time and energy it has taken to try to get Amelia supported in mainstream has drained all the energy out of me and I have had just no real quality time with Chris or the children. Not that I wanted to substitute this lack of "family time" but feeling frustrated that particularly Jack gets pushed to one side and left to his own devices- I felt the need to give him some time for himself. He is the baby of the Junior school having his birthday at the very end of August and although he is doing well acedemically I feel he sometimes struggles socailly He does his karate but that is very structured and disciplined rather than fun and social. So a few weeks ago he started Beavers- and he absolutely adores it. I do hope the enthusiasm continues after the Easter break.

I feel so guilty that all the extra pressures we have been under this past year has taken over our lives and the children are growing up so very fast. Last week Jack went to his first school Disco!!!! I took a few photos to scrap at some time-I can't beleive how grown up he looks!!!

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manicstamper said...

Awwww he is just a little stunner............he's going to break some hearts before long....bless him.