Wednesday, 7 March 2007

41 today, 41 today, I've got the key of the door.....

.......ooopsss, perhaps I am 20 years out, but still young at heart!!!!

Going to be a weird sort of day today, can't really celebrate how I would like to as kiddies are at school and Chris has had to go to work. I will be on my own most of the day but going to have lunch with my mum and dad.

I was awoken with the kiddies jumping on our bed waving their birthday cards and singing "Happy Birthday" to me. It warms my heart each birthday we have in the family as you can see the improvement in Amelia's speech as she attempts to join in. She also sat on the middle of the carpet in her classroonm and sang and signed it with her teacher watching- I am sooo proud of her. Jack seems so grown up, and as I opened his card- I got quite emotional knowing he put so much into it.

Anyway, got to get on, want to get a few things done, so I can relax (!!!!) for the rest of the day...yeah...some chance, but I live in hope!!!


Lynne.x said...

Happy Birthday Adele.
Hope you ha a great day.

Kate said...

Happy Birthday, Hope you have a GREAT DAY :-)

CarolineO said...

belated happy birthday!!