Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Playing catch up!!!

Been a bad blogger for a few days, life just takes over sometimes. We had a childfree weekend- not for partying I am afraid, for boring stuff like life insurance for the new mortgage! After that Chris and me took a leisurely walk around a few shops where I got myself some bargain blooms from Dunelm Mills- thanks for the tip off ladies on CBC! After that we enjoyed some time together...clearing out the garage ready for the extension- how romantic!!! LOL!!! At the end of the day, whatever we do, it is nice to spend quality time with Chris- and yes that even includes sorting out the garage!!

Monday, I took an adult numeracy exam, not sure why I did it really, but it was part of the course at the school so somehow I found an extra few hours out of my already bulging schedule to sit down and do sums for and hour and 15minutes. I had had a terrible night - was woken at 4am, and after finishing the test and checking it through- I sat there watching the clock, shivering and yawning for 30minutes, thinking, I have so much else I should be doing!!
Yesterday I spent a good part of the day going through the Down Syndrome Group Accounts and I still have all of Amelia's statement to go through too!!! I have told myself I am not even going to touch that today- and give myself a complete day away from paperwork. But it still hovers in the back of my mind, knowing I have to do it all tomorrow and Friday.
Right, now I am going to put on my new CD and dance around as I finish a bit of housework and then spend some time crafting!!!!!! Might even use one or two of my beautiful blooms!!!!


Rachel said...

arent those blooms so scrummy - infact I dont have any lime green ones so I think I need another trip there hehe. Nice to hear about your kid free time. T and I try and get as much time together even if its only a trip to asda to shop. Its just nice to be able to hold hands instead of pram pushing lol. Have a good week hun xxx

Kathy said...

ph wow those flowers are just FAB!

You sound sooo busy, hope you get some "me" time too!