Thursday, 29 March 2007

I feel an addiction coming on......

.....for Sue's Inchies!!!!! These are just so great to make and just what I needed to get kickstarted back into crafting after the pressures of dealing with the LEA! I am hoping to get some more cut and ready today, to perhaps sit down with tonight and watercolour.....well that's if I can find my watercolour pencils!!

I have taken a few pics of the ones I made up yesterday. To make the squares I used the Sizzix original square frame die and not wanting to waste the chipboard frames I had left over I quickly made some very simple floral mini-frame toppers. After that it inspired me to get out the Quickutz tag die I got before Xmas and have hardly used since. Then I just copied the designs I have made on chipboard previously.
Not only has this got me using a die that was sitting unloved and unused in a dusty box.....I have also got my stamps out!!! SHOCK!!!( I have never been much of a stamper!)
Such a gloomy day today, so dark and pouring with rain but I am going to put on some music...and the heater....and sit in the conservatory crafting. Got some crafty catch up time!

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Radiogirl said...

I love those 'inchies'. I had never heard of them until yesterday ... I am going to try to sort of duplicate what you have done, but I don't do the watercolor thing so colored pencils will have to do. I also like the sparkly thing that you have going on w/the tags. Thanks so much for sharing.