Sunday, 25 March 2007

Not much sleep for me tonight!!!

We have a meeting tomorrow with the LEA to discuss Amelia's proposed statement. The LEA have asked the Headteacher and the SENCo to attend so I am going to feel a bit out numbered. Thankfully, our IPSEA rep is coming down and attending with us. I have just run through a few more pages of the statement and some of the many reports and I feel so unprepared. I think I will be opening my heart again!!!
Just so full of it all....not feeling stressed, just not able to ever switch off from it all IYSWIM. It has taken us a year almost to get this far and I am just so drained with it all. Sorry, I know I shouldn't be negative, I need to find my strong woman's fighting hat, but I lost that ages ago!! Just need to vent really.
On a more positive note I have loaded some outgrown kiddies clothes on my pictrail site, and sold some. Not made much, but put a few pennies into my Paypal account and able to donate a few pennies into the Kent Wide Downs Syndrome account too.
Got some cards to I can well imagine I will be locking myself out in the conservatory tomorrow night for some much needed chill out time!

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Rachel said...

thinking of you hun, hope the result is positive for you