Thursday, 23 July 2009



It was about 6 weeks ago, I was only at 31% complete with my NVQ3 in Childcare and a deadline was dropped on me from a great height. I never imagined that I would have had any chance at all to complete by the end of July. BUT here we are, with over a week still to go and I have done it! Spent 2 and a half hours on the phone last night having professional discussion to complete all the outstanding criteria and today I just need to sign a sign a few forms and finalise the paperwork.

Funny, I feel a bit lost now!LOL

Going to get myself up to date with a few other things, I still have children records to update for work as they have been pushed to one side for a while and then there is still all the policies and procedures to update. I think a bit of planning is required so I can start to get myself organised but still have some much needed, quality time with Chris and the children...................

...............and my Copics too! LOL.


Tara said...

Good for you Adele - it must feel soooooo nice! You won't feel lost for long once you get those Copics back out to play, hee hee! xx

Littlebear said...

Woo hoo! Well done you!
Clare x

Jac said...

Well done Adele, now you can relax and enjoy your time with your family. xx

Rachel said...

Well Done!!!!!!!!!!

Woooo hoooooooo

The other stuff is easy in comparison - what a huge weight lifted!!


Sarah said...

Well done Adele! That is fantastic news and what a HUGE weight off your mind!! xx

Carol Ann said...

Well done Adele that was one lot of work to get through x

Nikki said...

Congratulations hun... an NVQ that is VERY MUCH deserved :)

Nikki x