Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Emotions-What a funny ol' day!

Emotions are in a bit of a jumble at the moment. I am missing time with my family and my crafting. All I seem to have done for the last month or so is this rotten NVQ. I have gone from being 31% complete in mid June to hitting 85% last night. I have spent all day doing another written assignment and I have TWO MORE to complete. I have got a professional discussion/phone assessment booked in for 8pm this evening and hoping to complete the lot tonight! (PLEASE cross your fingers for me- I NEED to get this done and dusted.)

I have worked so hard but feel I have left so many other people down, including my family and the Design Teams I am on! I can only apologise and hope that i can get back to my copics VERY soon. I so need a bit of crafty therapy.

On top of all that it's Amelia's last day at mainstream school and I really cannot help but feel bitter towards the educational system and the complete lack of inclusion that we have had to suffer over the last 4 and a half years. She is going to a brilliant school in September- I cannot deny that but she was in tears last night telling me she was missing her friends already! I think I am going to have to have a LOT of tea parties!

Just thought I'd pop in and say hello to anyone who still passes by and I hope to be crafting again very TOMORROW! LOL


Littlebear said...

Hello Adele,
Please don't think you are letting anyone down - I am sure no-one thinks that. Everyone understands how hard your are working and I am sure your family are very proud of you.
Clare x

Rachel said...

Hi Adele

You are on that last stretch - the last mile - the really HARD bit and huge emotional stuff with Amelia as well. She sounds such a sweetie missing her friends already, can schools not see the impact they are having!!

Anyway I just wanted to say you are not alone, knuckle down one last time and fire off those papers. And remember sometimes Good enough is Good enough. here's to a happier weekend

As to the craft stuff - it will wait.


Nikki said...

Good luck with the phone assesment hun.. you deserve to get this NVQ..

You have been working really hard on this and it means a lot to you and your family to be able to achieve it.. so please don't think you have let me down in any way and I am sure your other DT's feel the same..

Family is way more important and your life that goes with it..

Take care hun x

Jac said...

Hope all went well with your phone assessment, the end is now in sight andit will all be worth it. Sending huge cyber hugs to Amelia too, she will soon be making lots of new friends too. xx