Friday, 28 October 2016

Beading therapy...or not!!!!

Fed up of decorating and feeling that I am getting nowhere, yesterday I decided to do a bit of beading. I decided to try out a laddered bracelet using Super-duo beads......and although I really like the end result, it has been such a pain to bead. The thicker beading thread I like to use wouldn't go through the fine beading needles and I kept getting tangled and splitting the I have painstakingly threaded by hand.

I have struggle so much with my eyesight, and just cannot find the right balance between my glasses and my magnified, daylight lamp. I have had glasses prescribed earlier in the year and just cannot get on with them, if I wear them they are permanently balance on the end of my nose with me peering over them!!!

Hey and learn. I will persevere....squinting every bead I thread! LOL Looking on the bright side and glad I am only making a double wrap and not anything bigger!


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Ruth (ooffee) said...

I love this - very beautiful and just the kind of thing I would wear. Love the colours! Ruth x