Monday, 3 October 2016

Slow progress....

but any progress is good!

Up to my eyes in decorating, I am a fool to myself and put myself under pressure to get our hallway and staircase finished ready for re-carpeting. Went to the carpet shop yesterday and have booked a home visit for measuring and have paid a deposit for not just the stairs and landing but for Jack's room, Amelia's room and MY CRAFT ROOM!!! LOL

It's going to be a bit of a challenge getting the hall and stairs done, but the children's room only really need a quick freshen up of paint.....but my craft room, well that's a completely different story. Used as a dumping ground for quite some time now, I can hardly get in the door. I have wanted to step up my crafting again but have found it so much more difficult with crafty stash all over the house. What better motivation do I need to get myself organised again! EEK.

Not much to show you but I do have an almost finished bracelet on my work board at the moment. I LOVE these colours!

Excuse my obscure photograph, I took this the other day and was being distracted by a rather moody, teenage daughter!

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