Tuesday, 25 October 2016

One week later!!!

It's been a week since I last blogged, how time flies!

I have had a lazy day today, made some cheese and bacon scones and this afternoon I have measured out all the dried fruit for our Christmas Cake and soaked it in Brandy....probably wont get a chance to do much more until the weekend but the alcohol should have certainly soaked in by then!

Am I finished decorating? NO!!! Nowhere near still. Only three weeks left until carpet fitting day, hallway and stairs still need a few finishing details, my craft room is almost decorated but still needs complete re-organisation and de-cluttering, a massive and ongoing project I think. Jack's room is untouched and only yesterday did I cut and lift band of Amelia's carpet and started working on one length of skirting board!

OMG!!! Only 3 weeks to go and the kids are at home on Half Term.....I feel I am going backwards.

Not much to share with you in the way of progress but I can share a crafty purchase with you and a crafty win!!!

I entered a newsletter give away competition over at Charmed Cards & Crafts  and was lucky enough to be drawn as one of the winners. Thank you so much Karen! LOVE my goodies.

I have been looking at fabrics for my craft room, I want a wacky, mish mash but I am struggling with combining patterns. Although I like what I have got so far I feel I am still missing that bold element I had pictured in my poor little mind.
I was rather disappointed with the top fabric as I ordered it as being red roses on turquoise , and to me it is more like pink roses on green! I have messaged the buyer but with no response so far.

Over the weekend Chris cut back my long worktop so it wasn't so deep and imposing in my little crafty space, we also bought a few kitchen wall cupboards, which are shallow enough to go under my worktop. Frustrating that we cannot put them in until the carpet is fitted but I will just have to be patient....she says drumming her fingers!

I have been gathering ideas over on Pinterest and saved loads of pics of gorgeous and structured craft rooms (who am I trying to kid that I could ever be that organised) and one thing I have had my eye on is a pegboard. SOOOOO......I have ordered one!!! Whoop, whoop, cannot wait, come on Mr Delivery Man, just hurry along with that board!

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