Saturday, 8 October 2016

Craft room claim back!

Yesterday I decided I deserved a break from decorating.....I still did a few hours of gloss painting in the morning but after a quick lunch I decided to brave the chaos of my craft  junk room. I cannot remember the last time I actually went in there to craft and as I tidy and de-clutter other areas of the house, anything that hasn't really got a place, tends to get chucked into my little room.

What with all the decorating and getting rid of an little office area in the upstairs hall it got to a point that I could hardly even get in the door! Solution, take the door of the hinges and paint door frame!lol

OMG, outgrown clothes, the curtains just taken down from decorating the hall, furniture and paperwork from Chris's little office area, bargain furniture I have bought ready to name it, it's in there!

Right, door off it's hinges, door frame painted, I am going in. Bruce looks suitably impressed.

Craft room claim back -End of Day 1

The worktops are smothered, shelves stacked to the hilt, boxes piled high....but you can actually see a bit of the floor now. 

I will be some time!


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