Thursday, 13 October 2016

Craft Room Claim back - Day 5 Metal cabinet revamp

Not been feeling it the last few days. My cold is lingering and just contributing to the aches and pains I suffer every day. My sleep has been awful and I suppose it's just all taking it's toll.

Yesterday I did a bit more decorating, the staircase, but I have decided to leave the rest of the staircase until the weekend and get it all done once we have taken all of the carpet up. We did manage to get to the carpet shop and we have a date for fitting...EEEK!

Today I spent time in my craft room trying to organise and de-clutter, despite throwing away a large black sack of room looks no clearer!

I have however got my little black filing cabinet back in place, all I need to do now if decide what to put in them!

I already had four colours of the eggshell paint but I got the pink and blue as tester pots for £1 each. I mixed the two to make a lavender colour to make up my sixth colour. I am not sure how durable to metal paint will be, I was wondering whether or not they needed sealing. Time will tell.

I had to share this one to show you how Brucie Boy has found himself at home on the dustsheets, on the bare floorboards, by my feet as I sit at my workbench. Bless him!

Okay, so my craft room is a complete mess. I have a staircase, a hallway, two bedrooms and a craft room to decorate in less than 5 weeks....but lets just forget that and focus on my pwetty cabinet!

Bye for now.


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