Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Craft Room Claim back Day 3!

What happened to day 2? Well, it was pretty uneventful and despite my attempts at de-cluttering, all I really achieved was moving stuff around.

Yesterday, tired and aching after a terrible sleep on Sunday night, I went into the clutter and caused yet more chaos.

Did I achieve much? NO.
Did I throw much out? NO
Am I nearly finished? IF ONLY!

My priority was to sort out my main "work area" under the window. Did I do it? NO!!!

Feeling defeated!I am just not making enough of a positive impact!

Ceiling partially painted, worktop taken down, walls partially painted. Aching all over but instead of cracking on, I get distracted by THIS!!!!

It was just calling my name. "Adele, paint me. Paint me Adele!"


I took a pic of the other side of the room and how I managed to barricade myself in with my clutter but I am too ashamed to share! 
Far too many years of collecting boxes and bits of ribbon off packaging, and thinking "Ooo, I could make something with that!



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