Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Decorating madness, Craft Room Claim Back.....a huge step forward!

It's been a long, long time since I have blogged. Been so busy painting and trying to de-clutter. Felt cross with myself that I couldn't get everything done to the standard I wanted to before our carpet was fitted.

Well, no use crying over spilt milk, what is done is done, what isn't....tough! LOL

This morning I ran around the house taking a few photographs of the chaos we have called home for the last few weeks.......as you may see by some of the pics......I had company!

Jack chose an electric blue feature wall, got some ideas of some new pictures and wall art for his room....but to be honest as long as he has his X-Box, I think I could have painted it all the colours of the rainbow and he wouldn't have noticed! Bruce seems to like it though!

I really wasn't sure of the electric blue that Jack chose but after I had finished I actually liked it so much I decided use it to paint a feature wall in Amelia's room too.....but I have other plans for that....IF they ever materialise I will share.

The hallway is bare and cold looking but I am please to say all painted, fresh and clean and ready for the carpet. 

This little "alcove area" is what used to be our tiny bathroom before we had the extension, really looking forward to prettying it up.

 Bruce really cannot work out what has been going on with it all, he must think we have all gone mad......he is not far wrong. 

And for my craft room! (Does a happy dance!)

After the carpet was fitted, Chris worked really hard to get my new cupboards in place and the worktop secured along the top. No excuses, now I can really start to get organised now.

There isn't much difference here yet between the picture I took this morning and how it is now but I know it going to be worth it eventually.

Lots of organising, de-cluttering....and some pwetty door knobs called for. 

Still an awful long way to go but I feel we have made a HUGE step forward today.

Let the crafty, creative fun begin.


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