Sunday, 7 October 2007

Whoooo hooo....I am back!!!

I have missed this soooo much!!! Weeks ago we had a bit of a flood during the building works- no real damage to our lovely new extension, but our electrics took a bit of a battering. Basically the fuse tripped, I got back home from work desperate for a cuppa, flicked the switch back on and everything seemed OK...well until I tried to use the PC!!! Have been lost without it so yesterday we managed to get a replacement and very slowly we are struggling by to try to get it all set up again. It is so lovely to be back!!!
I have manged some crafting during the chaos, will re-load my camera software later and try to put some piccies on. I am aiming to play catch up on some of the wonderful challenges I have missed out on and set myself a little target on Tuesday.


Katy said...

welcome back!!!! :)

Hullabaloo said...

Welcome back Honey!

pink-petal-designs said...

welcome back, looking forward to seeing more pics.
Sarah x

kk girl said...

I tried to log on a few times and wondered where you were, thought you were busy with your extension