Sunday, 28 October 2007

Feelling low!!

The weekend is over, we haven't stopped and there is still so much to do. The kiddies were tired and grumpy and are now fast asleep, I feel that I don't want to be too far behind them but we still need to get things ready for tomorrow.
We have almost finished our new bedroom ready for carpeting on Tuesday. The curtain pole needs to be put up and the door has been taken off it's hinges for me to stain and we have left that off until after the carpet is down. Hopefully we will start "moving in" on Tuesday so the slow process of decorating our old room & splitting the kiddies up again can take place!! There is clutter and dust absolutely everywhere!
Big progress was made over the weekend, most of the electrics are now in and functioning and the ceiling in the upstairs hallway has been plastered so the house smells of dampness. Tomorrow we have the plumbers back and hopefully tomorrow evening we will have our shower working and the downstairs toilet installed!!! I am just soo drained and need to keep focused on the positives of WHY we did this extension in the first place...but the mess is really getting to me as we are starting week 17 ( I think...I have lost count now!!)
Right my dinner is ready now, might pour myself a nice glass of wine too!!

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