Wednesday, 24 October 2007

And for today.....

...well not much actually. I am so drained with the kiddies being off of school, another round of bugs lurking around and the builders still coming and going!!!! Trying to deal with too many things and not making enough progress in any of them at the moment!!! But Rome wasn't built in a day was it!!!

My first "installment" is for the Just Bex, Big challenge 2- Hang it on the tree. I cheated a bit for this one as I dug out a Bucilla kit I ordered from QVC many moons ago, in fact I think it was before I had even got into card making. I have several more little felt shape all in various stages, some just cut, others have a few sequins on, and some like the little mitten were almost finished. Not really sure they are my cup of tea now but Jack and Amelia took an instant liking to them anyway!

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Hazel said...

Love that heart, Adele.