Saturday, 16 June 2007

Will I ever be organised?

Slowly but surely I am trying to sift through, de-clutter get organised for the big build!!! Well that's if it ever happens as planning permission was turned down last week and we had a rush appointment with the planning dept. to try to come to some arrangement as to what would be acceptable. Plans are back with architect now and we are eagerly awaiting to hear and get on with the extension. We had hoped to start at the beginning of April!!!!
Still, we have a free weekend ahead of us and we are planning to empty out the garage, so that it can be pulled down as soon planning has been agreed! Goodness know what we are going to do with everything though!!!
Last weekend I tried to organise my crafty clutter, but didn't get very far! I feel I need to be ruthless to make any impact at all. As crafting actually goes, not managed much, a bit of knitting and a few toppers- that's about it from the land of Dingledel!

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Melissa said...

I really love these, the colours are lush x