Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Shape Shifters

After a pretty much pointless morning I had achieved nothing. Still chasing the LEA, school ..etc basically anyone, as Amelia still has no-one to support her at school despite her statement being finalised over a month ago. Feeling rather frustrated, I abandoned it all, put on some music and decided to spend the afternoon crafting.

Needing to make Chris his birthday card for tomorrow I was about to start work when my mum asked if I would make a card for her and my dad to give to him....so I set to work. It's a bit of a running "joke" that they call Chris their number one son, being that they have 3 daughters. With this in my mind, it seemed a fun opportunity to try out the "Shape Shifters challenge" on Just Bex! Not quite sure of the finished result, but I had fun making it all the same.

Anyway, can't stop and chat, running out of time and I still have MY card to make!!!LOL...last minute again!!!(blush!)


Lythan said...

I really like this card Adele

mum on the run said...

Great card!!