Friday, 29 June 2007

Men's Bloomers!!!!

Well what a mixed up day it has been weather wise!!! One minute torrential rain the next blue skies and sunshine. I haven't manged to achieve as much as I had hoped to but let's face it, something is better than nothing at all!
This evening there was another challenge on Just Bex that caught my eye - Challenge 2- fab Blooms. My interpretation was aimed for a man, perhaps even some bloomers for Chris (!!!) we met 11 years ago on 14th July so I might keep it to one side for him.
I thought I would also show you my likkle visitor in the garden today, it was the cause of much excitement as I hung up the phone on Chris and dashed in from the conservatory to grab my camera. Don't get very many birds in our garden at all, so many cats around. I was delighted to find it still hopping around the garden when I got back. Pic not great, well it was through the double glazed conservatory door!!! Haven't a clue what type of birdie it is, thought it was a bullfinch, but doesn't look anything like pics online!!! LOL...pretty all the same!! Please remember, I am a city girl originally, so it was quite a treat for me!


Tigger's rambling said...

That is a great photo of the bird, which is a European of my favorites :-)

Anne said...

Hi, just wanted to say how much I enjoy looking at your blog - I really like your style, and your toppers and cards are always fab! This one's no exception, and why not have blooms for a man?

Karva said...

Fantastic picture and I love the cars, so colourful :)

Jules said...

I love the colour combination you have used, they are really excellent.

Jules x