Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Craft time...what's that?

Been a bit short on the ol' crafty time again. Got Amelia's final statement through but she still has no support in class, that's the next hurdle. Got builders coming and going with estimates for the extension and it's been a domestic disaster zone with dishwasher dying on me, after leaking all over my kitchen floor, shortly followed by my washing machine- which has now thankfully been replaced. Both our cars needed MOTs this last week and mine has just cost an arm and a leg at the garage today......my new dishwasher will just have to wait 'til next month.
Kiddies went back to school today and I am trying to catch up on all the phone calls and paperwork I have just left over the last week or so. It's Down Syndrome awareness week and I have this mad idea to try card sale for our kentwide fundraising, as usual though I am totally unprepared!!
Did manage a card today though, for one of Jack's friends- again, last minute...as usual!!!

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